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Model No. Base : GR-NAVI
Battery AAA Battery(NIMH) x 3pcs
Working Voltage 3V~4.8V ( LED glitters when the battery power is below 3V )
Operating Temp -10℃~50℃
Auto shutdown function The power shuts off automatically if it is not operated over 10 minutes
Working Time More then 500 times
Weight 1.9kg
Model No. Receiver : GR-85GN
Receiving distance Max. 80M
Navi working distance Max. 25M
Receiving accuracy for Middle line ( distance ) ±1.0mm(1.5M~15M)~ ±1.5mm(16M~25M)
Electrical specification
Battery AAA Battery(NIMH) x 4 pcs
Working Voltage 4.4V~6.4V ( LED power glitter when the battery is below 4.4V )
Working Temp -10℃~50℃
Auto shut down the power will shut off automatically when the receiver does not receive the laser beam for more than 10 minutes.
Duration More than 60 hours